They say that it’s “not the destination, it’s the journey”, and, “if you can resist a craving for 3 minutes, it will pass entirely”, or, “once a fantasy actually happens, you don’t fantasize about it anymore”. So, are these people telling me that “making it” is not nearly as good as what it took to get there…all the clubs, coffee houses, bus stops, wine shops, book stores, sidewalks, living room’s, etc are better than The Gorge in Seattle, The Santa Barbara Bowl or Staples Center in CA, Madison Square Gardens, or The Grand Ol’ Opry? AND THEN, once there, if we just wait 3 minutes, our desire to be there will pass? AND IF NOT, once we’ve played our show, and the fantasy has become a reality, we’ll be done dreaming about it?

I don’t think so.

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One thought on “3 Untruths…

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  1. rock mama 9 years ago

    oh i absolutely agree with you….the person or people…the “they” that made those statements must have dreams like…”eating a whole cheescake at one sitting”, or “touring the glaciers in alaska”… they are full of something….worse than balogna for sure!!! love you my darlings!!!