Cottage Grove, OR. We almost missed it because so many people were wearing camouflage… But, we finally found our venue, The Axe and Fiddle, and the beer was cold, the food tremendous, and the hospitality warm. They even let Rudyard hang out for the show, during which he insisted on dancing to almost every song! Kim had an old friend from Indianapolis (who has since moved to Oregon) come out to see us all. She brought about 6 others. That table of ladies was singing along and cheering and so wonderful to have in our audience. 

Jared had a friend who he knew from Edinboro University, near Erie, PA (they were in a college production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” together, and as Mark put it, Jared was the star and he was “Old Man #2”). He and his wife, Elaine have lived in the Portland area for several years and have been trying to get out to see us. They finally made it and loved it! 

The sound guy, waitstaff, and bartender were all very kind and even invited us to park, shower and sleep at their place right down the road. Silly them, we’ve already showered this week. Two cleanings would just be gratuitous. Actually, we were parked in a pretty safe place in front of a business that wouldn’t be open on Sunday. As a matter of fact, it turns out not much in Cottage Grove is open on Sunday! 

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2 thoughts on “Day 12: Small Town Charm

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  1. Cari Cagle 5 years ago

    Thanks Jesse, we really had a great time and enjoyed your show and your music! I turned on the radio this morning and thought, “Damn, they should be playing Champagne Sunday!” Well, it was a good thing that I bought your latest CD and played it over and over! Can’t wait to buy more and to see you again. Chris, Trina, Michelle, Lisa, Shelly and I had a great time! Thanks for letting me sing along at your show. I’m just sorry Shelly and I will be out of town when you pass back through at the end of February. But, until the next time, best wishes on your road trip and continuing success producing great music! -Cari

  2. Shelly Jarboe 5 years ago

    It was a pleasure to spend a night with YOU! Champagne Sunday! We had a blast! Look forward to buying more of your music! My favorite song thus far is Laughing Slow! I Love It! Enjoy your Tour!