What to do? Jared’s immersed in school work, web design for a friend, logo design for another friend, and the general burden of consistently being awesome (which I too share…), and I have a lot of down time. I am thinking of making another music video. But, since I do not have all my scrap booking stuff with me (see “Tiny Girl” music video on our website), I am limited to some colored pencils and a notebook. It will be fun.

In other, very pertinent to tour, news. Our dog, Etta James, is on a new diet consisting of a lamb/rice hard food (not that different) and a two pump addition of wild salmon fish oil (VERY different). This is to help with dry skin and raw spots that she has been scratching and biting incessantly. First of all, when the pure fish oil bottle claims, “Odorless”, IT IS A LIE. It is not possible for the oil to be odorless. Especially in such a small space. Second, and most importantly, even if the oil IS odorless going in, is certainly is NOT odorless coming out… Thank you for the memories, Etta.

Let’s see…what else? June in Tacoma, not the summer I was hoping for. But, to be fair, it doesn’t seem to be the summer the Tacom-an’s were hoping for either. Kinda bummed. Not a deal breaker, however. Spirits are high in the Lindy, due to the friendship Jared and I have and the fact that we are resolved to find happiness in pretty much any situation. Like driving to dump our close to overflowing septic tank several, gas-guzzling miles outside of town, and finding the dump site closed, due to a power outage and no water. Well crap…literally. So, having to drive and extra 45 min out of the way and pretty much wasting the whole second half of our day could have been highly discouraging. We took the extra time (since we had to double back to head to the new dump site) to go to the bank and gym and get groceries, happily laughing and feeling accomplished. When we did get to the new site, there still was no “Potable”, or ‘drinkable’ water. At this point, whatever. We’ll just fill our water tank later.

Once we’d returned home, filled our water from the hose, started dinner, plugged in power, covered the front of the rv, we raised our beers and toasted to another day on the road, grateful for our blessed lives and the ability to live in such a way. Then, in total agreement, Etta farted…I guess everyone’s happy.

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2 thoughts on “Down Time

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  1. rock mama 9 years ago

    oh yes…..down time…can you imagine…some people have it and are miserable and bored and complainy because of it……others get none of it so they are miserable and stressed and compliny…….yes the key is to have the “attitude of gratitude”…..so smart to make that kind of choice….good for you!!!!

    so now you are leveraging your thanks for the fish oil….and the trade off is etta not scratching herself into oblivion…and your noses are getting to experience some new smells that “ony a mother could love”….NO..that is a LIE…i am a mother and there were a few smells coming from you and jeremy at times that NO ONE could ever love…NOT even the mother…whoever made up that statement had no smell buds….or olfactory sensors .. or whatever…..there are some smells that melt the nostrus hair right out of the nose hole……ew…… huh?!?!?

    I will be driving to aunt jackies tomorrow night my dear little hot bloggity blogster, and i have a goal in arizona…..no camera flashes for speeding!!! i am determined to not set those stupid things off. I will think of you at my sister’s closet and if i see anything that i love for you…..i will purchase it…..for myself!!!…..ha ha ha!!!! …… just “jerking your chain”……not much else going on with my world….ken and joshua are not getting along at work….jen and i told them we are tired of their constant friction in the office… so we had a meeting with both of them and asked them to work it out because it wasn’t right to keep making everyone else miserable with their pettiness…it was my idea to have the meeting and jen agreed cuz i told her nothing will ever change unless we tell them to stop. now joshua is struggling with whether or not he wants to stay here…so ken sent him home for a couple of days to sort through his problems and make a decision….to tell you the truth…it is a pain in the ass with both of them…..i just try to keep myself involved with my customers and do a great job……if it turns out that joshua leaves….who know what will happen here? i just know that i always CHOOSE to stay positive…yes…some amazing writer once said: “if you don’t like where you’re going you can….change your directions”………that can mean mentally also….not just phisically….more often than not for me, i just need to adjust my mental state, then amazing things happen! well that’s enough for now….rock mama luvies to my baby girl!!!

  2. Hootknocker 9 years ago

    I can only think of about a dozen songs that refer to “roll with it” somewhere in the lyrics. It’s definitely what you two do well! Can’t forget about Argent’s “Hold Your Head Up” and Wet Willie’s Keep on Smilin’, they all remind me of your resolve.
    Love you!