They say to truly understand someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. Well, since my husband leaves his shoes directly in my path, which, by the way, is the ONLY path in the rv and isn’t hard to do, I decided to put them on and begin my theoretical mile.

The first thing I noticed, since I was barefoot, was the insoles. They are pretty shot. I thought, “This isn’t very comfortable. Maybe I should get him some new ones.” Women are very talented at wearing the most uncomfortable shoes, sacrificing comfort for fashion. Men are not.

The second thing that hit me immediately was how strangely invasive it felt to be infiltrating the very place of someone else’s foundation. To plant yourself into the leather holders of where they stand, and feel that sort of strength and memory of where they have been and walked. I had to really think about it, but it was cool.

The third thing I noticed was how much bigger they were than my own feet, and I proceeded to march around the rv with my new, duck-like appendages, singing a tune about being in big shoes. This caused me so much joy that I burst into laughter and was filled with complete amusement with myself. When I was quite through, I bent down to grab the toaster from the cupboard and saw how ridiculous my foot looked, started tapping it exaggeratedly and went into another fit of giggling. The shoes were such a pleasant experience for me, I wondered how one could ever be blue while wearing them.

I looked up at my husband, saw the look on his face while observing all of this, and realized that he didn’t understand how this could be so entertaining. Perhaps he should walk a mile in his own shoes…think about that.


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  1. rock mama 9 years ago

    i would much rather see jared walk a mile in YOUR shoes……ha ha ha….ouch: crampy toes and blisters. it made me laugh that he was right there observing all of your wonderment of his shoes on your feet…..for some strange reason, i pictured him being off somewhere… another room…….now that is even sillier since there is no such thing in the lindy….well except the bathroom. i think the only thing even more freaky personal would be to wear someone else’s underwear.. but then that gets all kinky and sex questionalble ………….you are right about the personalness of what you did and i never really thought of that before…there is the strange personalness of one’s own feet in someone elses shoes…… was your foot in socks or naked???? that is even more weird because our toes call feel the grooves and dents from “other toeness” very cool if you love the person with all your heart and …… i can’t believe how well this fits here………….”sole”…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!…rock mama / sock mama