I have nothing clever to write about today. I haven’t observed anything sweetly representing humanity. I haven’t been out in the Tacoma night life, soaking in the “scene”. I have had no inner epiphanies, resulting in sudden life changes. Quite frankly, my eyelids are heavy with apathy and I shouldn’t even be writing this. But, sometimes we take comfort in knowing that others haven’t got it all figured out, that everyone has a hard time from time to time, and that, even for us crazy rockers, life gets boring here and there. So, I give all of our readers the gift of knowing that, if you’re going through “it”, so are we. The major difference is that we just may write a song about “it” one day.


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One thought on “Sometimes up’s outnumber the down’s…Not in Nottingham.

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  1. rock mama 9 years ago

    well, i love your candid bloggity blog…………..one thing you are not is “phoney” or pretentious! it is good to have those times….it is easier if you like who you are, or who your with, or where you are living. can you imagine all 3 being intolerable at the same time? i do think that is when people can start going into depression….i am so glad you have learned to “get through” those stages….this is where the 6 month thing comes in…that, and if you have an unstoppable faith that steadily assures you that God is on your side no matter how things appear in the circumstanial world we live in. i am so glad you have a sound mind and a heart that knows the truth…….that we are never abandoned or forsaken no matter how we feel about ourselves, our situations or our needs and desires. i am so thankful for your “sense” and that you can write about “it” whether “it” ends up being an actual song, or a simple honest blog….at least you have a perspective that will not be your undoing. i love you my darling. mama