We played a show on Thursday at a bar in Georgetown (Seattle) called The Mix. We were placed last after a 3-piece jazz fusion band called “Bustin Jieber”, and a 4-piece southern rock band from Santa Cruz, called “Birdhouse”. By the time we played, the only people there were the bands, the bartender, the booker and someone who referred to himself as “Momma”. (a 6’5″, 350lb man, with purple tights, Peter-Pan slipper shoes, a red vest and beret, a light pink ladies nightgown with teddy bears on it and, to top it all off, a tan carpet bag/man purse with mauve roses printed on it… who yelled as we launched into “Love”, “Play somethin pretty for Momma!”)

When we were finished, the booker looked to be in shock that we were any good, and was clearly embarrassed as he handed us our hard-earned $5.

“I wish I could pay you 300x’s this amount. I would love for you to come back. I have some bands that I think you will be great with. I am really impressed with you guys.” Like this was the first time he had actually listened to us!

It is seriously this kind of behavior that baffles me. I watch my husband struggle to put together a beautiful website with music samples, photos, videos, band posters, band member bios, schedule, and pretty much everything you could want to know or hear if you were trying to figure out how to book Champagne Sunday. For a booker to be surprised at the talent or genre/style of Champagne Sunday makes no sense to me, when it’s all spelled out for a person.

Maybe there’s still some confusion with the band name. I mean, when you Google search Champagne Sunday, you still can find advertisements for the famous champagne brunch on the Queen Mary. Perhaps we should give in and start selling mimosas instead of cd’s at our gigs…

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5 thoughts on “The Sound of Mimosas…

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  1. Roni Depue 9 years ago

    See if you can book a gig on the Queen Mary 🙂
    So sorry you were scheduled last. I’ve seen this happen before and I always feel
    bad for the band/musicians.
    I think CS website looks professional looking….better than I’ve seen on some well known band websites.
    I’ve been thinking of you guys a lot and miss seeing you.
    Just keep on loving what you do……. music! 🙂

  2. rock mama 9 years ago

    oh my gosh….tell me you got a picture of “momma”…….i want to take a look!

    oh well….some “bookers” dont even care to lift a finger….they just like the scene and those types of people are lazy in some sort of odd ball ways. he probably glimpsed and viewed a little bit and thought to himself….they look pretty together…think i will put them in a time slot…what i don’t get at all is the lousy $5.00…..clubs and agents have turned into a bunch of little tightwads…..just keep loving, loving, loving what you do and never let that kind of crap sour your hearts…..talent will always win!!!! mama

  3. Hootknocker 9 years ago

    Yep, I would match the $5.00 to see a pic of “mommma”
    Can’t put a price on waiting to see you again. You are coming back to Ventura, right?

  4. Jamie 9 years ago

    Hey, do you remember me from running sound for you guys at Benders in Renton a couple of years ago? I think I can help you guys get some better dates up here in the Soutn King county area. I was totally impressed with you guys (coming from a fellow musician??) and you guys deserve better than this BS. Check it out and shoot me a note!