Hello CS friends, fans and family!

Been a great week or so for all three of us. Hope it has been for you as well!

Jared’s parents got here on May 2nd. This is what we did while they were here.

In no particular order: We, went to the Tacoma Museum of Glass, watched the Kentucky Derby while drinking Mint Julip’s (Mom chose the winning horse based on the name alone, “I’ll Have Another” and reminded us of it the rest of the trip), saw my dad’s 16-pc big band blow the roof off the Stonegate, our buddy Cory made an AMAZING dinner one night, they caught the CS show at The Spar (of course), had ridiculous Bloody Mary’s at The Ram (and, Mom loved this, a beer called “Buttface”-so fun to order, she had two!), clothes shopping for Jared (and mom bough me some KILLER boots), we had band practice and Mom and Dad went to the Tacoma Zoo, we met my Tacoma family at The Harmon for Sunday lunch so Mom and Dad could meet my brother and his wife (Alex n Melissa) and their twin boys (Aiden and Ethan) and daughter (Taylor), we tried the “Pickle Back” shot with Cory and his girlfriend, Cici (the “Pickle Back” is a Jameson shot followed by a shot of pickle juice- takes the bite off the back end of the whiskey and makes it MUCH easier to consume more…yummie), celebrated my sweet hubby’s bday with a day at Gig Harbor having lunch at the Tides restaurant followed by shopping and topped off with dinner at Shenanigan’s in Tacoma (coincidentally where my dad and his bride of 28 years now, met!) where my brother, Caanan, and his girlfriend, Tawnya, met us, had breakfast at a potentially presumptuous but delicious place called “Babblin Bab’s”, had beers and “kitchen sink” vodka drinks made by Jane on Cory’s deck, and, in all, had a wonderful time.

While most of this was happening, Evan ate some very “special” cookies and slept for 3 days…


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  1. rock mama 9 years ago

    i am luvin the bloggy blogs