For the longest time, I could not grow a good beard. Well, being hairy was never a challenge, but there were little spots on the sides of my mouth that refused to connect. Guys know what I’m talking about. I always wanted a nice, full beard. Not necessarily in the Grizzly Adams or ZZ Top league, but maybe more like a Kenneth Branagh or Eddie Vedder beard. Something that didn’t look goofy.

I spent years looking like a half-bearded freak every time I tried to grow it out, but stayed the course nonetheless. Grow it, shave it, grow it, shave it, repeat. I would have to endure a short period of looking strange, but each time it got a little less strange. Eventually, I just forgot about it and, whether I had more important things to worry about or was just lazy, I ended spent more time in a beard than out of one.

The other day, I was looking in the mirror to make sure my face was still there or something, and I noticed . . . wow. It connects! I have a full beard now! How long has it been like that? I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about it. I just went with it.

Such has been the case with our music at times. When we focus on how much farther we have to go, we get stressed and depressed, we think we’re crap, we start questioning our lives, etc. But when we just do what we do and don’t think about it, we find that we’re actually getting somewhere. We may go through periods of looking ridiculous, but ultimately it’s a fact of life and progress, and things only get better with time, patience, and persistence.

Many of you that know me may also be ready to write “You didn’t look ridiculous with your beard like that.” Which brings me to another comforting fact: Most of the negative stuff is all in our heads and doesn’t matter to anyone else anyway.


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3 thoughts on “Growing a beard . . .

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  1. rock mama 9 years ago

    after the first couple of sentences, i was very relieved that YOU were writing this, not Jessi! Ha Ha Ha……It is true, we are usually our own worst enemies.

  2. Hootknocker 9 years ago

    Hey you 2, I have a library of good books, couldn’t find the book I was looking for that had the quote I was looking for but found one just as ap ra damn pro by W. Clement Stone, author of “The Success System That Never Fails”. “Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.”
    You guys have the persistence, perserverence, and piss on the the rest of them attitude that will get you to where you’re going. Rock On!
    Hey!! You guys gonna come back home? Sunday afternoons @ the Villa have been replaced by horseshoes and a serious game of drinking called cornhole, both way fun! Spent last Saturday throwing shoes that led into the grill action, then out came the guitar and it was just like sitting around the fire @ Sand & Sea 6-8 years ago. next time your home, I will arrange a back yard get together that we’ll all remember, until then, grow whiskers, build your legacy, keep rockin’ on!
    But you gotta come back home, don’t turn into a Seahawk fan!
    Love you guys!

  3. jamie K 9 years ago

    I am glad you guys are hangin’ in the PNW. I was the guy who ran sound for you at Benders a few years ago. Remember, I offered you a place to park your RV here in beautiful Maple Valley. Anyway, just keep doing what you are. There is a world of opportunity up here and you guys write good material. Do you know my friend Andrew Vaight with the band Eternal Fair? He woiuld be a good guy to connect with. He does some of your kind of stuff and hs a lot of good tunes. Very talented musician/singer from Alaska of all places, so keep the faith!