Welcome to The Crooked Times, “All the Champagne Sunday news that’s fit to print and some not even fit for the internet.” ‘Crooked Time’ is the opening track off our new album, Heaven Knows, released April 27. Find it on iTunes or CDBaby for digital and physical distribution. We’re off on tour to the Northwest and New Orleans.

As we sit in our 1990 Lindy home on wheels, we’ve taken stock of a rapid fire weekend in Ventura County, CA.

The energy and love of friends, family, and fans at the CD release last Friday at Big Buddha Lounge made the event a rousing, celebratory shindig. A show to remember; thanks to all who came in person and in spirit. Your support is literally powering our trip right now. Those in attendance were the first to hear some new arrangements, and we were glad to see our work in rehearsal so well received.

We spent Saturday putting our affairs in order and packing the tin turtle shell with all the necessities and some entertainment, including a singing, dancing flower. Henry V and Mirror Mask, among many others, populate our DVD library in case the mood feels too light. Etta James, our enthusiastic Boston terrier travel companion, is a constant source of energetic cheerfulness and curious odors.

The band enjoyed an extraordinary sendoff Sunday. We put the finishing touches on the RV, spent time with loved ones, and drove to our final pre-tour gig in Ojai at Full of Beans. The sun, filtered through the tree, shone gold on our two sets in the afternoon and afterward on our goodbyes to friends and family.

After the gig, we rolled the RV down the mountain, stopping briefly at our friend Aimee’s house to wish her a happy birthday – and be fed delectable food to sustain us on our trip (she’s an inspired chef.) Embraced as family from the moment we arrived, love compelled us to play ‘Shoeshine,’ off the new album, for Aimee. We’ll see the whole crew when we get back.

A smooth three days of driving later, with a stop Monday in Sand City to visit our fabulous friends Brian and Caria, we’re into the fourth day of the journey, parked at a friend’s house in Tacoma. Suitcase full of albums old and new in hand, we’re off to spread perseverant joy to the masses through our recordings and performance. First stop Tacoma, WA, then Port Townsend, Portland, and beyond to New Orleans.

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